Product Review: Erec-Tech Vacuum Therapy System

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Erec-TechVacuum therapy is a popular drug-free solution to erectile dysfunction for tens of thousands of men.  While there are many brands and types of pumps, Osbon Erecaid is likely the most popular brand name, but recently another brand emerged, staking claim to numerous benefits that overcome some limitations of the Osbon Erecaid vacuum system and tension rings.

Here is an overview of Erec-Tech’s outstanding features:

Erec-Tech Rings1) More Durable Tension Rings – Tension rings are critical parts of any effective vacuum therapy system. Tension rings are the small constricting rings affixed to the penis after pumping.  A common complaint with tension rings is that they break too easily at the edges, don’t fit comfortably, or are painful to base of the scrotum. Coupled with the facts that tension rings are relatively expensive and some vendors have stopped providing any return policy, a ring’s durability is a very real consideration.  Erec-Tech’s rings are circular, made with a soft gel material that is flexible and durable, with no corners or ends to snap under pressure.

Erec-Tech Manual System2) Manual Downward-pressure pump – Similar pumps, like Osbon’s Esteem Manual Vacuum pump, have a grip handle and lever that is squeezed to facilitate vacuum pressure.  This is fine for most users, but those with arthritis or hand cramps may find it difficult to squeeze the lever long enough and hard enough to keep and sustain enough vacuum pressure to achieve an erection.  Erec-Tech’s answer is instead of a squeeze grip, you instead push downward on the pump to create the vacuum.

Erec-Tech Loader3) Ring Loading System – Rings have to be stretched around the tube before use, so they can be placed on the penis before releasing the vacuum pressure.  This isn’t always easy and can risk hand injuries or ring breaks when attempting to stretch it over the pump shaft.   The Erec-Tech system includes a ring loading cone and device that requires little effort to correctly affix a Soft-Gel ring to the pump, making it instantly ready for use.

4) Custom-fitting Vacuum Seal Cylinder Inserts – Many complaints about vacuum therapy systems is the incorrect fit of the cylinder against the penis.  Once pressure is applied, some systems can uncomfortably pull in part of the scrotum, which makes applying a tension ring tricky and/or painful. (Or, risk snapping the ring from tugging.)  Erec-Tech’s system includes two extra insert seals that fit inside the cylinder, decreasing the opening size so only the shaft receives vacuum pressure.  This customization makes the Erec-Tech system far more accessible than competing systems.

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  1. Are the rings reusable?

  2. Yes, as long as they’re cleaned after use.

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