Is Prostate Cancer a Thing of the Past? Treatment Boasts 100% Effectiveness.

Apr 16th, 2010 | By | Category: Featured

Radio-Wave Hyperthermia TreatmentIt’s called Radio-Wave Hyperthermia Treatment, which heats tissue to kill cancerous cells while leaving the healthy ones intact.

Radio-Wave Hyperthermia is a treatment that has been around since the 1980’s in Europe for the treatment of various cancers.

Prostate cancer often affects men over 50 and was diagnosed to over 200,000 men in the United Sates alone in 2007.

Conventional treatments typically provide removing the prostate, radiation, chemotherapy, and/or horome blockers.  These treatments are taxing and can often leave men permanently impotent.

This treatment involves heating up the prostate to 113 to 158 degrees, killing off the cancer cells so they either die or no longer reproduce.  This works because cancerous cells have a different level of blood supply from healthy cells, and this heat treatment removes their ability to grow.

This treatment has zero side effects, requiring non-toxic medications and a limited period of hormone modulation.

Patients are in the hospital for five days, receive two treatments along with medications which kills the cancer immediately with no pain and hardly any side effects.



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