Could BPA Be a Cause of Impotence? California Thinks So.

Feb 15th, 2010 | By | Category: Impotence News

Just last week, California put moves in place to regulate Bisphenol-A, also known as BPA – a chemical in plastics and containers for everything from baby food to water to soup cans.

BPA has been targeted as a potential harm for reproductive health, thyroid function, obesity, and neurological issues.

BPA is one of the thousands of toxic, synthetic, and unregulated chemicals that seep into our food products through the chemical processing done to food containers or appliances used for food.  The dangers of BPA have been suggested since the 1930’s, but until recently, studies are appearing at an increasing pace showing the links of BPA to such major health concerns as cancer and impotence.  In fact, even the FDA has said they have “some concern” over BPA’s effects, but have refused to outlaw or regulate the use of the chemical.

Government regulation of BPA has been slow and cumbersome, but California’s Proposition 65 requires any chemicals found to be carcinogenic to be added to a list of chemicals that requires warnings for all products that contain any carcinogenic/toxic chemicals to be clearly listed that the product contains potentially dangerous levels of a harmful chemical.

As a business, most find that it’s preferred to just remove the dangerous chemicals from their products than to put a warning label on them that discourages consumers from purchasing their products.  It would be a responsible move for any business, or any consumer, to ensure that their products do not contain BPA.

Do you think BPA cause reproductive toxicity?  Here are some resources:
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