Ways to Overcome Your Impotence

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Male impotency, or Erectile Dysfunction, is a condition said to affect near 30 million Americans.  Nobody is entirely sure, since there are different degrees of impotency, different reasons causing it, and the fact it’s a “discreet” condition, many men won’t admit it.

Impotency is often a symptom of a health problem or the side effects of some drugs.  It is treatable, and there are many ways to treat and overcome ED (Erectile Dysfunction).

When treating impotence, one should start with the least invasive treatments first.  For most, it starts with this order:

1)      Stop taking any drugs where impotency can be a side effect.

2)      Counseling and Therapy – Many times the condition is mental.  Get therapy for techniques to help relieve stress.  Consider bringing your partner as well.

3)      Change your diet, get more exercise.

4)      Vacuum therapy and tension rings – A vacuum pump creates a small vacuum around the penis, increasing blood flow.  A tension ring is attached to the base of the erection to sustain it for intercourse.  One of the most popular brands is Osbon Erecaid pumps and tension rings.

5)      Drugs (Oral and Injected) – Always consult your doctor before taking any ED medications, especially since some medications are dangerous to combine with them.  Also, many of these medications can have dangerous or unwanted side effects.  Be wary of any “supplements” designed to treat impotence – the FDA regularly pulls them off the market for containing regulated pharmaceuticals or dangerous herbal “alternatives” that can endanger your health.

6)      Erection devices – There are a number of pumps and devices that can be used to obtain and sustain an erection.  Speak with your doctor.

7)      Surgery – When all other options are exhausted, talk with your doctor about surgical solutions to keep and maintain an erection.

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