Penile Rehabilitation with Vacuum Therapy

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What is Penile Rehabilitation?

Penile rehabilitation is an erectile therapy designed to increase overall penile health and encourage natural erectile function. It requires the use of vacuum therapy devices such as Erecaid or Erec-Tech to pull blood into the penis, opening up and filling the arteries critical for the firmness of erections and the length of the penis.

Just like a muscle, the penile tissue becomes atrophied without regular use, softening erections and decreasing overall length. With penile rehabilitation, those recovering from surgeries or overcoming impotence can benefit from daily erections.

The average man has an estimated 4-7 erections per day. As men age and have less erections, or undergo surgery that hinders or renders a man unable to achieve an erection naturally, penile rehabilitation can encourage the blood flow to the penis and in some instances even regain natural erectile function again!

General Directions for Penile Rehabilitation

Thankfully, with a medical grade vacuum therapy system, penile rehabilitation is a simple practice done daily:

1) Use a vacuum therapy device; since the goal is therapeutic and not sexual, the blood is not required to stay in the penis, so a tension ring is not necessary.

2) Affix the vacuum device over the penis. Ensure a solid connection with no leaks, so the negative pressure of the vacuum will pull the blood into the penis. Use a water-based lube for comfort and an air-tight connection.

3) Pump or turn on the vacuum device slowly until an erection is achieved.

4) Allow the pressure in the pump to maintain the erection for 30 seconds.

5) Release the pressure and wait for the erection to subside.

6) Repeat Steps 3 – 5 over a period of 5 to 10 minutes.

While the process is generally safe, you should consult a physician to get a device recommended that is specific to your individual needs. Doing this process on a regular basis will help maintain length and virility, all without the use of risky medications or surgeries.

Regular therapy with a penile vacuum pump will help keep you in great sexual health for many years to come!

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  1. i had cryocare surgery performed 6 mo. ago … it to late to start the penile rehab. ?

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