Do Vacuum Therapy Devices Really Work to Treat ED?

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What is vacuum therapy and does it work?

Vacuum Therapy is the use of a medical “pump” device which creates negative pressure on the outside of the penis to increase blood flow.  Once an erection is achieved, the main will put a ring at the base of his unit, called a “tension ring”.  The rings hold an erection in place for up to half an hour.

Vacuum therapy can also be used to simply engorge the male unit.  This is done without the use of Tension Rings to maintain the erection, and is mainly to improve the natural elasticity and blood flow to this region.  Many doctors will recommend this for patients who are also receiving medications for treatment.

For most men experiencing impotence, vacuum devices are very effective no matter what type of impotence the man is experiencing.  It is often recommended when medications fail or side effects are too powerful.  It’s also useful after some prostate surgeries.  However, you should always consult your doctor before using any kind of drug or device.

Vacuum therapy is also generally safe for most individuals – but tension rings should not be worn for extended periods of time (longer than 30 minutes) and you should consult a doctor before using one if you are dealing with the symptom of male impotence to determine and diagnose its cause.

I’ve been told vacuum therapy doesn’t work.  What if it’s not working?

Improper use is the number one reason why vacuum therapy devices aren’t working for most men.  There are however some men that vacuum devices can cause pain and discomfort due to their sensitivity to vacuum pressure.

Any time a vacuum therapy device is used, generous amounts of water based lube should be used to help keep the vacuum seal intact.

In addition, the level of vacuum pressure is important to maintain consistently during use.  It is desirable to have as much vacuum pressure as possible without feeling any discomfort.  Remember the penis will not engorge immediately with added pressure; you must allow the vacuum to work for at least a few minutes before applying the tension ring.

A third typical issue with improper use of vacuum therapy is an inadequate tension ring.  Every man will require a different tension ring to maintain their erection, so if you’re new to this you should try different sizes and firmness of the ring.

I’m currently taking medications to treat ED.  Can I use a vacuum therapy device?

A doctor should be consulted before trying additional devices, drugs, or techniques to see if they’re healthy and productive.  However, in most cases, vacuum therapy devices can be used in conjunction with medications, supplements, and other therapies to treat impotence.  In some cases, doctors will recommend the use of vacuum devices in lieu of medications to enhance erections and blood flow.

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