Common Alternative Therapies for Prostate Cancer

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Prostate cancer is slow to develop; in many cases, men with prostate cancer are still alive today. It is estimated in the United States there will be over 217,000 new cases of Prostate Cancer, and about 32,000 deaths.

While doctors will recommend surgery and/or radiation therapy for life-threatening cases, they often come with nasty urological and sexual side effects that can last for years.

But all hope is not lost! Men with prostate troubles, including the issues of post-surgery and post-radiation therapy for prostate cancer, can still take steps to improve both their sexual and urological health. Here are some options for you to research and look into:

Saw Palmetto – An herb that helps prevent production of DHT (which aids the development of prostate cancer). Saw Palmetto can help prevent enlargement and inflammation of the prostate.

Zinc – It is recommended for good prostate health to have a daily dose of zinc, which can be found in oysters, wheat germ, low fat roast beef, pumpkin seeds, chocolate, lamb, and peanuts.

Lycopene – With its antioxidant properties, studies have shown are good for the prostate and can even reverse the malignant process. Lycopene comes from tomatoes (tomatoes and tomato sauce are great foods for the male diet for this reason), and men who have tomatoes in their diet tend to have less risk of Prostate Cancer.

Pomegranate Juice – While not officially proven, pomegranate juice has been researched, and the tests show that drinking one glass a day can considerably drop PSA (prostate-specific antigen) levels nearly four times those who do not. The stabilizing of PSA levels can allow aging men to live far longer.

Chinese Herbal Medicines – Many of those who suffer from Prostate issues try Chinese herbal remedies, but beware – many of the new products found in stores for “impotency treatment” have been discovered to illegally contain pharmaceuticals like Viagra and Cialis in an attempt to falsely prove effectiveness for sexual issues.

Be sure you are purchasing authentic Chinese medicines and not falsely advertised products!

Here is a reference for more information on Chinese treatments for prostate cancer:

Ayurveda Medicine – Another complementary/alternative treatment with roots in India.

Some of the popular herbs in Ayurveda prostate treatment are:

  • Hog Weed – for the treatment of urinary problems caused by prostate-related issues.
  • Prickly Lettuce – Effective for enlarged prostates.
  • Small Caltrop – Used to aid the urinary problems caused by prostate-related issues.

Some popular dietary suggestions: Eat more zinc, eat less sour and friend foods to relieve pressure on the prostate. Also recommended are milk, butter, juniper berries, and garlic.

Also recommended: Alternate cold and hot baths for 10 minutes a day. Regular sex and regular walks also help. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes.

Bioelectric Therapy – This therapy is a safe, drug-free alternative for those experiencing pain. It works effectively by blocking messages to the brain that cause the pain with small concentrated electrical pulses using electrode pads.

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